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Review Breakdown: Naruto Chapter 687: R.I.P. Obito. Seriously, when will the battle end?


Hello people and random Naruto fans and welcome to my spoilerific review of Naruto Chapter 687, “I Know You Will”. Warning, may involve a character death…you already spoiled by this title of this review.

  • Obito is ready to die and Kaguya is tired


  • Don’t worry about me! Worry about the enemy

  • Black Zetsu is talking shit. Naruto is about to save Obito, but Obito said No, I want to end my life

  • Still talking at will. And Sasuke’s Eye Power has return

  • Sasuke going for the kill…change dimension…fuck

  • Sasuke is playing diversion. Full on Susanno! Obito, ready to fall into pieces

  • Naruto is feeling sympathy for Obito…Naruto, this is the same guy who attacked the Leaf Village 16-17 years ago and murdered your parents!

  • Time for Backstory…and a Flashback with Rin

  • Why are they sad? Why are they sad!?!

  • Obito’s last words being alive

  • Rest in Pieces

  • Obito’s now dead. Meanwhile…

  • Black Zetsu still talking shit about Obito, Naruto mad

  • Naruto cuts Kaguya’s arm. And Obito and Rin are in the Other World

  • And Obito is finally moved on

And then it’s over!

Reaction/Thoughts: What do I think about this chapter? Well, what would I say…oh yeah!

Thank You Kishimoto for putting an end of the most underrated character of the series…too soon? Yeah, Obito is finally dead after saving Kakashi from Kaguya’s Archer Bones targeting him and Kakashi. And of course, finding Sasuke. He saw Rin at the end, from being a 35 year old to a 12 year old to see Rin, and not being a pedophile about this, so back to a 12 year old it is! And I don’t want to bring religion up, but I don’t know if Obito is going to either Heaven or Hell…or the Shadow Realm? Or Purgatory? Or…hell, New Jersey. He would be at Heaven for bring Naruto back to life and help Sakura to find Sasuke from Desert World.

But he did murdered Kushina, Minato, Neji, and Konan, declared War on the entire Shinobi Nation, Ordered Akatsuki Members to take out the Jinchuurikis, manipulate Sasuke to destroy the Leaf…even though Danzo and the others ordered Itachi to do so, and destroying the Leaf with Kurama running wild. So…Hell?

But Obito died, and without the Kamui, how are they going to get ou…they got Sasuke…we’ll wait and see about it.

I give this chapter…

4 Sharingans out of 5! That’s It, tell me what you think and R.I.P. Obito…who am I kidding…

…again, R.I.P. Obito

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